Pressure Washing in Alabama

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A pressure washed driveway and garage door in Tuscaloosoa

Pressure Wash in Tuscaloosa

For more than a few years, our crew has been pressure cleaning Tuscaloosa, AL. As hardworking residents of the area, we love helping our great community. Owning multiple pressure wash businesses in Alabama has allowed me to appreciate keeping homes clean.

Pressure Washing enhances property value!

Keeping up to date with pressure washing services on your exterior surfaces is important. Not only does a clean home increase your property value, but it also increases your neighbor’s property value. Potential home buyers don’t want to move in next to a house covered in mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants. When it comes time to sell your home, any home realtor with recommend you pressure wash and clean your gutters. Having your siding cleaned along with your driveway, windows, and fences will enhance the appeal of your property. It’s obvious that a clean home has more value to a potential buyer in Northport than a dirty one.

Don’t wait too long to clean your property!

By not cleaning your property with pressurized water often enough, you really create long-term problems that are not fun to deal with. Regularly washing all aspects of your property, and maintain mold free areas will help stall issues with your siding, stucco, wood, and other surfaces. In some studies, experts have shown that mold typically appears within three years of moving into a property. Do you know the potential issues of mold? Let’s dive in. 

Mold can rot your deck, ruin paint, discolor exterior surfaces, and cause health issues. Mold holds significant amounts of moisture, thus leading to the house siding rotting quickly. The cost of replacing rotten siding is much steeper than cleaning your home regularly. But even if the mold doesn’t rot the wood, it will still damage the paint. Again, house repainting is more costly than a regular pressure wash!

Soft washing in Tuscaloosa vs. pressure washing!

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the difference between pressure washing and soft washing. While pressure washing typically cleans with a psi of 3,000 or above, soft washing using a psi of 500 or less. The severity of the water pressure is the main difference between these two methods. Pressure washing solely relies on water pressure to clean a surface, but soft washing relies on safe chemicals. Because these chemicals won’t damage your property, a soft wash is mainly the better method. For example, the correct chemicals kill all fungi down to the spores. Therefore, a soft wash will prevent the growth of fungi for at least a few months. Mold won’t be able to grow for up to nine months. 

Most home surfaces (brick, concrete, and stone) can’t handle the high pressures of intense pressure washing. Any professional pressure washing company ought to have the expertise to know if a surface can be pressure or soft washed. Would you want a company to pressure wash your business to find it damaged the mortar? No! Hire the premier soft washing service in Tuscaloosa today!

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