Graffiti Removal

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A pressure washer in Tuscaloosa cleaning dirt and grime

We remove graffiti!

We believe that graffiti has home in the Tuscaloosa art world. Notice we said the art world, not your Tuscaloosa store front. Graffiti is interesting, but tagging is inherently disrespectful. Often, a misguided teen travels the neighborhood marking his territory with cans of paint.

When he sees his ‘logo’ prominently displayed on the side of your store, it boosts his ego. Illegal graffiti is frustrating since removing vandalism can be expensive. Instead of taking time out of your schedule, give Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing a call! We are the premier pressure washing service near you!

We clean with tender loving care!

Pressure washing cleans most hard surfaces known to us, yet that doesn’t mean we can’t be gentle while we work. For all Tuscaloosa structures, tender care is necessary for the efficient removal of graffiti. Our team works with caution. Denting, gouging, nicking, or warping your exterior surfaces could be costly. Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing’s goal is to leave your property in better condition than when we arrived. We remove graffiti from all surfaces – walls, fences, and doorways. Sometimes, our team may use chemicals with warm water. Hot water, low pounds per square inch, and moderate gallons per minute are key to keeping your property in great condition. 

What’s the difference between surface & substrate?

As you read about graffiti removal service, you may notice that surface and substrate appear synonymous. In the construction industry, a substrate refers to the underlying surface beneath paint, sealant, or varnish. Substrate is the base for top coats and sealants. Surface refers to the surface that we can touch. When talking about pressure washing, surface and substrate have the same definition. We treat pavers, limestone, and brick with the same processes. Stucco and concrete are harder, so we use greater PSIs. Glass and wood are different since they are fragile. With our experience, we use the perfect combinations of PSI & GPM to remove your graffiti.

How much does it cost to remove graffiti?

Tuscaloosa has a few locations riddled by graffiti – school zones and public transit. These areas need graffiti removal services. As a pressure washing company, we’ve also removed graffiti from tombstones and monuments. When removing graffiti, we use multiple factors to gauge the cost. Our main cost factors are location, surface, severity, and square footage. For example, if we discover the graffiti in a tough to reach area then the cost will be higher. Artists spray their work in dangerous areas to ensure their work won’t ruin. If graffiti is only on a store front, then the price will be less expensive. As a rough estimate, our graffiti removal service ranges from $500-$75. We look forward to cleaning your property soon!
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