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A pressure washer cleaning the exterior of a home entertainment area

Power Washing in Tuscaloosa, AL!

Welcome to Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing! Are you looking for pressure wash services in Tuscaloosa, AL? If so, we are the  company for you. We perform pressure cleaning in Tuscaloosa County. Do you wish to clean your residential property? Great, our team works in local neighborhoods. Or maybe you need your commercial property washed instead? Luckily, we wash anything! We clean homes, businesses, and restaurants. Don’t wait any longer, call us! Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing is standing by to be your local cleaning provider! We charge between 18 cents & 21 cents per square foot.

An employee pressure washing dirty concrete
A pressure washer in Tuscaloosa cleaning dirt and grime
A pressure washed driveway and garage door in Tuscalosoa

Our Pressure Washing Services

We strive to bring the premier cleaning solution to your Alabama property! Each time we pick up our equipment, or turn on our generator, the purpose is clear. When you need professional pressure washing, we want to be the business you call. Although we can only clean one house at a time, we beautify many properties. Our top-notch work adds value to many buildings in Tuscaloosa, AL. Experience the Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing way today!

Are you searching for pressure washing near you? We provide residential wash services. Whether you need your sidewalks, driveway, or home siding cleaned, we can wash it! Or maybe you are looking to clean your commercial area? Well, we clean business locations too! At Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing, we understand the necessity of keeping store fronts & drive throughs sparkling clean for your customers. You can find more information about our main cleaning services below. 

A clean deck after pressure washing

Residential Pressure Washing

We provide services for all residential properties. Do you own an apartment complex or a single family home? Whether you need to pressure wash a multi-unit building or a single dwelling, Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing can clean it. We are the #1 pressure washing service in Tuscaloosa & Northport, AL. Our business stands out from the rest, as we only provide exceptional work. If you need deck, driveway, or vinyl siding cleaned, we are the company for you. Call Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing today!

We train our employees with up-to-date wash techniques. Your property deserves nothing but the best. As the top exterior cleaning company in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas, we do our work professionally. Within 48 hours of receiving your call, we will have your house looking better than ever. All of our work includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You need not stand behind our work because we take pride in our results. 

Commercial Pressure Washing

For pressure washing in Tuscaloosa, contact us! We clean shopping centers, parking lots, and even drive-thru’s. Essentially, any business location with a high level of traffic. These filthy areas could all use a deep cleaning. On any week, we usually clean multiple gas stations and convenience stores. As a gas station owner, you will notice an increase in morale around your freshly cleaned shop. If your business location is dirty, your customers will clap when they see us. You shouldn’t wait longer, clean your commercial locations with us! 


After you finish at your construction site, we want to handle the cleaning! Not only do we offer post construction cleaning, but we provide pre-job cleaning too. If you need construction site cleaning in Tuscaloosa County, we can help. Besides washing dirty surfaces, we also clean equipment, tools, and machinery. These services will increase the lifespan of your most important tools. Our pre-job cleaning is useful for artists. Pressure washers remove dirt much faster than an artist by hand. For all your construction site cleaning needs, let us help!

Sidewalks & Storefronts

Do you have dirty sidewalks in front of your business? Would you like to maintain a clean storefront? Well, Tuscaloosa Pressure Washing is here to help you. Business owners should improve their curb appeal by cleaning their sidewalks and storefronts as needed. Although concrete cleans easily with high pressure water, many people allow it to remain dirty on their property. When business owners ask us to clean their store fronts, we work better than you can imagine. It’s finally time to remove dirt, gum, and litter from your place of business. We are excited to help transform the appearance of your business.

Building Maintenance

Are you looking for a cleaning service to maintain the appearance of your new building? If so, you’ve definitely come to the proper location. We easily clean pools, office buildings, and warehouses. Do you know the benefits of a clean workplace? Well, employee morale quickly rises. Customers are more likely to spend more money. And passer bys see your business with more value. Quit missing out on potential revenue because you have a dirty building!

Graffiti Removal

Sure, you’ve probably seen a pressure washer. But do you understand how they work? Most pressure washers combine a rubber hose with an air compressor. Pressurized water results from these units. This pressurized water is then used to wash exterior surfaces. As the power washing service of Tuscaloosa, electricity or gas can power our air compressors. Can you guess when we would use gas instead of electricity? We use gas for jobs without electricity; we use electricity when power sources are present. Do you know which we use when removing graffiti? Tuscaloosa Pressure Wash typically uses gas powered air compressors to aid in the removal of graffiti. To remove graffiti from your property, we just need your approval! You can reach us at our contact us’ page.
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